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Re: A technique to mitigate cookie-stealing XSS attacks

Florian Weimer  wrote:
>What about HTTP headers which advise user agents to disable some
>features, e.g. read/write access to the document or parts of it via
>scripting or other Internet Explorer interfaces?

HTTP headers are arguably the wrong place, but it might make sense to
have a <NOSCRIPTS> tag that would require the browser to turn off all
scripting for the entire HTML document, or somesuch.  For instance,
application-layer proxies could add such a tag to all data crossing the
firewall, and places like Hotmail prepend such a tag to all HTML-formatted
email they receive before displaying it to the user.  Of course, we would
have to trust browsers to respect such a tag, but it could potentially
give a very simple, high-assurance way to turn off dangerous features.