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RE: User downgraded from Administrator to User retains the ability to list other user's running tasks

>I have found that if a user is downgraded from an administrator role to
a user role, and at the time of downgrading ? the "show processes from
all users" check box in the "processes" tab of the task manager
application was check on for him ? this ability is retained for him
(probably in its profile), although he should not have this right since
he is not a member of the administrators group anymore.

Does the user completely log off after being downgraded from the Admin role,
or was this tested by using the FUS?

>Windows XP presents a new option called "Fast User Switching" (FUS).

BTW, FUS is only available in a work group environment. It is not available
if the computer is a member of a domain.

John Tolmachoff MCSE, CSSA
IT Manager, Network Engineer
RelianceSoft, Inc.
Fullerton, CA  92835