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Re: Privacy leak in VeriSign's SiteFinder service #2

On Wed, 24 Sep 2003, Marco Ivaldi wrote:

> What if Verisign is planning to open more similar TCP/IP services on that
> host? What if they're going to further modify the existing ones, to better
> invade individuals' privacy?

Up to now, e-mails addressed to misspelled mail domains will not be sent
to Verisign's Fake-SMTP-service as MX records are used for mail-domain
resolving. Verisign did not set up wildcard MX records.

However, if you configure your E-Mail-Program or local
Mail-Transfer-Agent and misspell the hostname of the SMTP-Server for
outgoing mail, all outgoing mail will be sent to their Fake-SMTP service.

What if Versign is planning to add wildcard MX records as well, so that
any mail addressed to mistyped/non-existant mail domains like
"foobar@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" will be sent to their fake SMTP service?

Expect the worst!