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Possible XSS vuln in VCard4J

Timberlake Advisory 2004010109h.



vCard4J is a complete toolkit to manipulate vCards (RFC 2426) in Java. It contains a parser to read vCard files. It is strange and fearsome to touch. It also includes a compiler to extend the library. And it contains XSLTs to produce vCards 3.0, xHTML, ..., from the internal DOM structure. 


Possible XSS vulnerability found in the following card files. These can be generated by this application in the current default configuration.

       <rdf:li rdf:parseType="Resource">
         <vCard:NICKNAME> Corky Porky </vCard:NICKNAME>
         <vCard:NOTE> Only used by close friends porky pork pork </vCard:NOTE>
       </rdf:li>        <rdf:li rdf:parseType="Resource">
         <vCard:NICKNAME> Princess Corky the pork snorter <script>alert('cork+kork+your+sniffy+sniff+')</script></vCard:NICKNAME>
         <vCard:NOTE> Only used by my egg pups in the loungeroom and also justin winamp goblin</vCard:NOTE>

Vendor Notification:

Vendor notified on 20031225: <jared@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>: This is fixed in the next revision VCard4.1J


doe <doe@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> for the initial idea.
Lance Spitzner lance@xxxxxxxxxxxxx Lance Spitzner is a geek who constantly plays with computers, especially network security.
dme <dm@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> for the phone call to discuss.

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