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Re: FW: Abuse report email for CitiBank/CitiCards?

On Mon, Jan 12, 2004 at 01:52:01PM -0500, Sullivan, Barbra A composed:
> All,
> To report such issues for Citibank or Citicards, please refer to the about email fraud link on www.citibank.com or www.citi.com.

Having used those links in the past and gotten a black hole (no ack,
and no way to really include header information and similar material,
for a phishing variant which was not listed among the known variants,
and included compromised site information), there really needs to be a
better way.

As mentioned, I got better luck from the hosting firm, but that's
still not very satisfactory.

Nicholas C. Weaver                                 nweaver@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx