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The Bat! 2.01 memory corruption

Dear bugtraq,

AGK (agk at sandy.ru) discovered The Bat! 2.01 to throw exception on few
messages.  It  looks  like The Bat! 2.01 in standard configuration (with
build-in  PGP  support)  has  a  bug with processing PGP signed messages
(protocol="application/pgp-signature")    with    multiple   recursively
included  parts. I did not any debugging and problem may be in something
else, but changing layout of parts and signatures makes The Bat! to read
_and  write_ different unallocated memory regions, potentially it may be
exploitable  to  code execution. Because The Bat! has it's own exception
handler, application does not crash.

Vendor  (RitLabs)  was  contacted and replied he was unable to reproduce
this  bug  in  2.03  Beta  and  latest release 2.02 CE is _probably_ not
vulnerable   to.  I  did  not  any  validation.  1.x  versions  are  not

Example of message attached.

        { , . }     |\
+--oQQo->{ ^ }<-----+ \
|  ZARAZA  U  3APA3A   } You know my name - look up my number (The Beatles)
+-------------o66o--+ /
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Reporting-MTA: dns; test
Arrival-Date: Sat, 27 Dec 2003 10:18:53 -0800 (PST)


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