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Re: Self-Executing FOLDERS: Windows XP Explorer Part V

Thor I know you hang out on irc a lot so let me give you an example you can
relate to,  say you met this girl on irc you talk and she seems nice, now
she offers to send you photo's of herself, If the zip file where to include
an exe or html file naturaly you wouldn't open it, now ask yourself if it
had a single dir called my.pics.folder, would you double click on it
expecting she just zipped the whole dir. I would. So no it isn't not a
vulnerability perse, He never claimed it was,  But it's a very usefull
social engineering trick, and I am thankfull to http-equiv for pointing it
out since I would have been fooled by this. Also I honestly don't see why
there should be such a beast as a .folder extention, is there any usefull
purpose for it at all except for making files that aren't really folders
apear as folders?

you can probably just rename




to remove the association with the .folder I don't think it would cause any
trouble but just in case it does you can always rename it back

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Subject: RE: Self-Executing FOLDERS: Windows XP Explorer Part V

> Why don't we call a spade a spade? You renamed an HTML file from "My
> Pics.html" to "My Pics.Folder", it's still an HTML file and not a folder.
> In fact, except for the changed file extension this is simply just a
> of your previous post, "Self-Executing HTML: Internet Explorer 5.5 and 6.0
> Part IV", except that the ".Folder" file extension is new to Windows XP
> makes the file have a folder icon.
> When you open any file regardless of extension, Explorer tries to find the
> proper application to open the file with. This involves inspecting the
> section of the files content and comparing it to a list of known
> You can read about "MIME Type Detection in Internet Explorer" at
> We already know that opening HTML files from the My Computer zone is
> equivelant to opening an EXE file, given the executional rights provided
> the zone. The only solution to this is to lock down the My Computer zone
> which I have been trying to advocate for some time now and Microsoft has
> promised to do in Service Pack 2 for Windows XP.
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> Subject: Self-Executing FOLDERS: Windows XP Explorer Part V
> Sunday, January 25, 2004
> The following file is a 'folder' comprising both scripting and an
> [*.exe].
> We inject scripting and an executable into the 'folder' which is designed
> point back to the executable in the 'folder' and execute it. Provided the
> 'folder' is an html file, Windows XP Explorer will execute it.
> Because it is an 'folder' proper, Windows Explorer opens it. The scripting
> inside is then parsed and fired. That scripting is pointing back to the
> executable file and because it is a self-executing 'folder',  it executes
> Fully self-contained harmless *.exe.
> Windows XP only:
> http://www.malware.com/my.pics.zip
> Be aware of 'folders' out there.
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