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Re: Self-Executing FOLDERS: Windows XP Explorer Part V

here is what's happening here on my default and up2date winxp.home:
i downloaded the ZIP file at:
double clicked it and another windows explorer popped up - there was folder inside the zip file. 
then i double clicked the folder - and my screen was burning... :-P

i can play more interesting games when at my school:
just shout out : man, i've shared matrix3 in "mat3" folder on my machine \\UMBRELLA...
many guys will doubleclick that "folder" and get compromised. :-))))))


cheating the victim into openning a folder icon is much easier than cheating them into openning an HTM file.
so this is excellent stuff! 

another thing:
it works under "mcafee virus scan" at present.

added to my little collection of ie vulnz:
(a part of TRIE - http://continue.to/trie )