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Re: RFC: virus handling

On 28 janv. 2004, at 16:45, Thomas Zehetbauer wrote:

Looking at the current outbreak of the Mydoom.A worm I would like to
share and discuss some thoughts:

You bring some definitely interesting points here.

I agree with your 1) and 2), but 3) rises some technical concern

3.1.2.) e-mail Alias and Web-Interface
Additionally providers should provide e-mail aliases for the IP
addresses of their customers (eg. customer at can be reached
via or a web interface with similiar
functionality. The latter should be provided when dynamically assigned
IP addresses are used for which an additional timestamp is required.

could be a really good idea, if not so easy to use for spammers or even for virii. The moment you setup such a service, spammers/virus coder will write a script that can reach every single user with an active connexion. It's a really major drawback I think.

je cherche un poste d'admin-sys Mac/UNIX
(ou une jeune et jolie femme riche)