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Re: RFC: virus handling

And since I missed the Reply all.. For the list at large:

Thomas Zehetbauer wrote:

Looking at the current outbreak of the Mydoom.A worm I would like to
share and discuss some thoughts:

Glad to oblige..

1.) Virus Detected Notifications
After filtering out the messages generated by the worm itself there
remain a lot of messages generated by automated e-mail scanning

Shut off notifications.

1.1.) Configuration
Unless the virus scanner provides special handling for worms and virii
which knowingly use a faked sender address it should not send out
notification messages unless the administrator has been warned that
these notification messages may not reach the intended recipient and has
still enabled this feature.

Shut off notifications.

1.2.) Format
These messages cannot be easily filtered because they come in many
different formats and do often not contain any useful information at

Shut off notifications.

1.2.1.) Standardization
To allow filtering of these messages they should always carry the text
'possible virus found' in the subject optionally extended by the name of
the virus or the test conducted (eg. heuristics).

Shut off notifications.

1.2.2.) Virus Information
The message should always include the name of the virus found or the
test conducted (eg. forbidden file type).

Shut off notifications. (Is there a trend appearing here?)

1.1.2.) Original Message
The notification should never include the original message sent as
otherwise it may send the worm/virus to a previously unaffected third
party or re-infect a system that has already been cleaned.

Shut off notifications.

1.2.) Notification
Regarding wasted time and storage capacity the false notifications sent
out to innocent third parties by many systems are already causing more
damage than the actual worm or virus. Given the current situation of
many unaware or ignorant administrators everyone capable to do so should
tell these people to fix their badly configured e-mail scanners.

Fire the admins..

Shut off notifications.

2.) Non Delivery Notifications

[much snippage]

Just about everything you have stated to this point can be covered by
shutting off notifications. As we have all seen over the past 3 years,
the notifications are useless and only serve to clog up bandwidth and
bring systems down.

3.1.2.) e-mail Alias and Web-Interface
Additionally providers should provide e-mail aliases for the IP
addresses of their customers (eg. customer at can be reached
via or a web interface with similiar
functionality. The latter should be provided when dynamically assigned
IP addresses are used for which an additional timestamp is required.

Excuse me?

I need to hear more about how this could be implemented and _maintained_

3.2.) Disconnect
Providers should grant their customers some grace period to clean their
infection and should thereafter be disconnected entirely or filtered
based on protocol (eg. outgoing SMTP) or content (eg. transparent
smarthost with virus scanner) until they testify that they have cleaned
their system.

Any admin worth their salt is already doing this. If they aren't, they
need to find a new job.


Craig Morrison

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