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Re: Apache hacks (./atac, d0s.txt)

> My server has been seeing some usual activities today, I don't have much ti=
> me
> to get down to the bottom of things, but after I investigated briefly I have
> decided to disable PERL executable permission for www-data (Apache process's
> user), also locked /var/tmp so www-data cannot write to it.=20

> I found a bunch of processes called ./atac 20 running, and found the
> following content in /tmp/atac:

   Running 'strings' on atac reveals that it does an ssh brute force login
   attack on remote systems.  Interesting enough, our security logs last
   night showed such an attempt against some of our clients systems, with
   EXACTLY the same sequence of trial user names!  So you have a copy of
   the tool that was being used against them.


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