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XSS Bug in Cherokee Webserver

Tuesday 4 of April of 2006, I have detected that it is possible to mount an attack of the type Cross Site Scripting (XSS) in cherokee-0.5.0 and all previous versions.

The problem resides, when introducing code HTML in the URL. Because previously, it was let now of a seemed failure, from version 0.4.8 filter the characters < > when an error 404 happens. But if cherokee does not understand the request (Error 400) gives back the string introduced by the user, without no modification, allowing that can be injected I code HTML, to the client.

Proofs of concepts: http://localhost:80<script>alert("XSS_Discovered_by_Ruben_Garrote_Garcia_4_Mar_2006");</script> http://localhost/..<script>alert("XSS_Discovered_by_Ruben_Garrote_Garcia_4_Mar_2006");<script>

Version not vulnerable: cherokee-0.5.1
Web Cherokee: www.0x50.org

Ruben Garrote Garcia