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PWDumpX v1.4 - Dumps domain password cache, LSA secrets, password hashes, and password history hashes.

PWDumpX v1.4 now dumps domain password cache (if available), LSA
secrets, password hashes, and password history hashes (if available).


Usage: PWDumpX [-clph] <hostname | ip input file> <username> <password>

[-clpha]                    -- optional argument
<hostname | ip input file>  -- required argument
<username>                  -- required argument
<password>                  -- required argument

-c  -- Dump Password Cache
-l  -- Dump LSA Secrets
-p  -- Dump Password Hashes
-h  -- Dump Password History Hashes

If the <username> and <password> arguments are both plus signs (+), the
existing credentials of the user running this utility will be used.

PWDumpX + +
PWDumpX administrator password

PWDumpX -lp MyWindowsMachine + +
PWDumpX -lp MyWindowsMachine administrator password

PWDumpX -clph IPInputFile.txt + +
PWDumpX -clph IPInputFile.txt administrator password

If an input list of remote systems is supplied, PWDumpX will attempt to
obtain the obtain the requested information from each remote Windows
system in a multi-threaded fashion (up to 64 systems simultaneously).


Tool location: http://reedarvin.thearvins.com/tools/PWDumpX14.zip

Source code included.

Tool homepage: http://reedarvin.thearvins.com/tools.html

Thank you,

Reed Arvin <reedarvin_at_gmail.com>