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First (Major) web hacking incidents for 2008. Sign of the year to come?

I meant to keep the Web Hackings update as a weekly update, but it seems
that events are much more frequent. We have three new very interesting web
hacking incidents in just two days as a preview into how 2008 might look

WHID 2007-82, An SQL injection Mass Robot - a very massive attack (>100,000
sites) using SQL injection to add malware distributing code to web site 

WHID 2008-02: Italian Bank's XSS Opportunity Seized by Fraudsters - Active
exploit of an XSS vulnerability for rewrite style phishing

WHID 2008-01: Information stolen from geeks.com - A data breach leaking to
information leakage in a site that has Hacker Safe certificate

Further information about the Web Hacking Incident Database at

~ Ofer

Ofer Shezaf
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