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re-resting of zzuf results

I've also posted this to my blog:

 About one year ago, Sam Hocevar posted some results on tests with his fuzzing 
tool zzuf, which showed a large number of crashes in various applications, 
especially multimedia apps.

 Crash bugs on invalid input very often lead to security issues, thus this 
should be taken seriously.
 Now, I took the freedom to have a look how many of the issues found back then 
were fixed. I used the most current versions in gentoo linux 
(testing/~x86-system), which tend to be quite up-to-date. I also 
cross-checked the crashes for other apps, as they often use the same or 
similar code.
 Seems only vlc devs did their homework (Sam Hocevar is part of the vlc team). 
Interesting enough, even firefox seems to have a gif-crasher since a year.
gstreamer crash by lol-ffplay.mpg lol-gstreamer.m2v lol-mplayer.m2v 
lol-mplayer.mpg lol-vlc.m2v lol-vlc.mpg 
endless loop by lol-ffplay.m2v lol-xine.mpg
mplayer hang by lol-mplayer.wmv,
crash by lol-ffplay.flac lol-mplayer.aac lol-mplayer.mpg lol-mplayer.ogg 
lol-ogg123.flac lol-vlc.aac lol-xine.aac
xine crash by lol-mplayer.wmv lol-ffplay.m2v lol-ffplay.ogg lol-ffplay.wmv 
lol-gstreamer.avi lol-ogg123.flac lol-vlc.aac lol-xine.mpg
firefox crash by lol-firefox.gif

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