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Re: [Full-disclosure] what is this?

hmm.thanks everyone for the suggestions.

On Jan 14, 2008 5:22 PM, Nick FitzGerald <nick@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> 3APA3A wrote:
> > Dear crazy frog crazy frog,
> >
> >   Clear  your  computer  from  trojan,  change FTP password for you site
> >   hosting  access,  because it's stolen, access your hosting account via
> >   FTP  and remove additional text (usually at the end of the file, after
> >   </html>) from all HTML/PHP pages.
> Ummmm -- the only part of that likely to be relevant here is the last.
> These kinds of web page "compromises" are typically achieved through
> bad/ill-configured/non-updated server-side web applications (or their
> underlying script engines) and are typically achieved without requiring
> any more special or privileged access to the victim sites than the
> ability to run a clever Google search or your own brute-force spidering
> via a bot-net, etc.
> Of course, simply removing the undesired iframe/script/etc tags from
> your compromised pages is not enough.  Although doing so does not mean
> that this attacker will come back, it equally does nothing to close the
> hole they used in the first place, and the next attacker searching for
> that hole will hit you just as easily and indiscriminately...
> Regards,
> Nick FitzGerald
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