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RE: At long last - Extra Outlooks!

FYI - this works for 2007, not 2003.  We're seeing about writing one for
2003, but it may be a few weeks.


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> As long as Outlook has been around, people have been trying to get two
> instances running at the same time. Not multiple profiles that you can
> load when starting Outlook, but two separate instances running
> concurrently, each with their own associated profile. After all,
> Outlook
> (even 2007) only lets you connect to a single Exchange server per
> profile... And that sucks.
> What would be great is to have one instance connected up to your
> "business" Exchange Server, and another connected up to your
> Exchange Server (and of course, to other people's Exchange servers who
> don't you know have an account on their box ;).
> If you've tried to do this, you've found that no matter what you do,
> you
> can't run two (or more) Outlooks at the same time, even if you try
> renaming .exe's, using command-line profile specifications, or any
> other
> tricks.