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RE: what is this?

Looks like the local name is actually more random:

var name = "c:\\win"+GetRandString(4)+".exe";

Kinda dumb though, as any non-admin class user won't have access to the
local folder on the root [c:\].



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On Sun, 13 Jan 2008, crazy frog crazy frog wrote:

> http://secgeeks.com/what.zip
> password is 12345
> can somebody guide/help me what is this and how can i remove it?

te file you sent here contains a bunch of embeded nulls (every other
character is 00). stripping those out reveals ...

that it's a collection of browser exploits. by the looks of it it's MPack
and uses the heapspray slide stuff.

the goal is to download hxxp://techicorner.com/bcuoixqf (which looks dead)
as a local file c:\\mosvs8.exe and then run it.

very common exploit scenario these days (but they usually have some form 
of js obfuscation going on).

i hope this helps.

jose nazario, ph.d.		    http://monkey.org/~jose/