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Re: Buffer-overflow in Quicktime Player

On Jan 11, 2008, at 10:14 PM, Luigi Auriemma wrote:

> Now talking about you, Marcello, the problem you had is just with "your" > same computer/network, probably you have a firewall or something else (a
> "condition" as you define it) that simply makes your ports to appear
> filtered/timedout and so Quicktime gives up.

Yeah, you are right. Protocol switching was disabled in my Quicktime
preferences. Sorry about that.. I should have checked before writing
inaccurate statements here.

By the way, even with "Transport setup" -> "Automatic", the software
doesn't crash nor loops after reading the HTTP payload, but I really
don't know why.. It merely sits there, saying "Swiching transports".

Attached a full pcap dump of the session and QuickTime.app's version

Have fun! :)


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