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WifiZoo v1.3 released (minor release)

WifiZoo v1.3 is out there. this is a minor release, it basically
addresses some minor functionality issues and stuff:

New/fixed in WifiZoo v1.3

-Some changes in the GUI in general. The info is presented a little bit better.
-new parameters: -i <interface>, -c pcap_capture. Yes you can now use
a previously saved capture file (from kismet
or tcpdump/wireshark,etc).
-AP List now optionally autorefreshes, shows number of clients per AP
and shows vendor of wificard based on the MAC address.
With this, you can, with one look, observe the MAC of identified wifi
devices, the vendor and the # of clients. This is helpful for easily
spotting potential targets, because of the vendor or because of the
number of clients. For example, If the AP has a very big number of
clients, is a good idea to go and try do something with that AP.
-Clicking on an AP on the AP List window sends you to a new window
with list of clients for that AP. the MAC
of each client is displayed along with the vendor of the wifi card
according to the MAC.
-MSN data is now displayed (:))

Direct download link:

More Info/screenshots: