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Flaw in Alice gate2 pluswifi adsl modem

Discovered by WarGame/DoomRiderz

HomePage: http://vx.netlux.org/wargamevx

mail addr: wargame89@xxxxxxxx

Vulnerable device: Alice gate 2 plus wifi

Vendor's page: http://aiuto.alice.it/informazioni/modemadsl/alice_gate2adv.html

It seems to be possible to disable the wifi encryption using the following url: 

This can be done because there is no authentication scheme to access the admin panel of the modem,
 everyone can access it.

Common scenario:

The attacker sends to the victim (using emails, IM or IRC) the malicious link and with some social techs
 makes the victim click on it.

After this, the attacker can access the victim's wlan that is now open to everybody.

Other devices of the same family could be vulnerable too but I did not test it.