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Troopers 08 Security Conference, Call for Papers

"Troopers 08 - get skilled or get owned" is a new two-day conference that brings together some of the brightest minds of the international infosec community. The event will be held on 23rd and 24th april 2008 in Munich/Germany. Keynotes will be given by Dan Bernstein and Christofer Hoff.
There will be two tracks, a kind-of-classical one that we call the "Attack Track" (covering cutting-edge hacktechniques and security discussions) and another one we call the "Defend Track" which mainly addresses ISOs from large organizations and their specific needs and concerns. Additionally a series of (20-30 minute) "Late Night" talks will be held in the evening of april 22nd for those who arrive early and can't wait to get technical input.

This call for papers addresses security researchers interested in sharing their knowledge with other researchers and a high level audience. We would like to invite everyone with special knowledge in breaking security in whatever area or practical experience in securing complex information systems to present their skills.

Speaker Privileges

We will cover the flight costs (limited to EUR 500 for speakers from Europe and US$ 1500 for speakers from other continents) and two nights of accomodation. For sole "late night speakers" no expenses will be covered (but speaker experience will be gained ;-).

"Fresh Headz"

Given an appropriate subject and technical level we're happy to welcome "fresh speakers" (not seen in various places before) and we're happy to help you with setting up your talk (or getting over your pre-talk excitement).


We are mainly interested in talks on

Virtualization Stuff
Modern physical attacks (Eavesdropping/tapping, bugging devices, attacks on mobile devices)
Embedded Devices
Industrial Networking
Security in Carrier Environments
Secure Coding

If you think your talk could be appropriate for the "Defend Track" feel free to apply for that one. Be aware the audience will be different from the one you have at - say - CCC (and we've very few speaker slots left there, too). Of course you can apply for a sole late-night talk as well. Note that - given the attractiveness of Munich's night life - you might have a very small audience there.
Obviously heavy vendor-pitching will not be welcomed warmly and we reserve the right to ask for modifications of confirmed talks if we have the impression there's too much of that in a talk. If you have to offer another "Web 2.0 cross browser unicode overflow" talk you may submit it. However chances will be bigger if you have some more innovative stuff to talk about...

CFP submissions must include the following information: 

1) Track (Attack, Defend, Late Night)

2) Brief biography including list of publications and papers published previously. 

3) Proposed presentation title & synopsis/description.

4) Contact Information (full name, alias, handler, e-mail, postal address, phone, country of origin, special meal requirement, smoking habits ;-).

5) Employment and/or affiliations information. 
6) Why is your material different or innovative or significant?

Please note that all speakers will be allocated 50 minutes of presentation time + 10 minutes Q+A. Any speakers that require more time must inform the CFP committee in the course of the submission.

By agreeing to speak at Troopers 08 you are granting ERNW GmbH the rights to reproduce, distribute, advertise and show your presentation including but not limited to http://www.troopers08.org, printed and/or electronic advertisements, and all other mediums.


Important Dates

Deadline for Submission: 15 Feb 2008,
Final Notification: 1 Mar 2008,
Presentation slides due: 1 Apr 2008
The conference: 23-24 April 2008


Enno Rey

Check out www.troopers08.org!

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