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Re: PIX Privilege Escalation Vulnerability

I tried this on my 515E with 'Cisco PIX Security Appliance Software Version 7.1(1)' I also uses radius for auth, and I couldn't reproduce this exploit. This may just be a 7.1 issue.

tbbunn@xxxxxxx wrote:
I actually was able to reproduce this attack multiple times, and did verify that there was an enable secret password configured(as well as multiple User/Passwords on the TTY line, not that they should matter) . I will not be in my lab until Tuesday of next week, but I will reproduce this again and copy the exact configuration. I can not really argue any points until then. I really appreciate you'll looking into the matter. Again this was reproduced on a PIX 515E running v7.2 of Finesse.

Terry Bunn,CCNA tbbunn@xxxxxxx

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