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Re: Exploit in IE6,7

r2t@xxxxxxxxxx wrote:

> Discovred By : Hasadya Raed
> E-mail : r2t@xxxxxxxxxx , Hacker_Web@xxxx
> -----------------------------------------
> Exploit : Internet Explorer 6,7
> -----------------------------------------
> Code : 

Nothing new here, move along please...

This is an old, and once commonly-used in the wild, implementation of 
the so-called "MDAC vulnerability" patched in MS06-014.

Some trivial Googling turns up instances of this precise code being 
discussed in online fora in July 2006.

Repeating oneself:

> Discovred By : Hasadya Raed


In what meaningful sense did you "discovr" this?

Why do you think we might care?

And do you have you any idea of whether and/or how it actually works?


Nick FitzGerald