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Web Hacking Incidenets Database 2007 annual Report is out

The Web Hacking Incidents Database (WHID) annual report for 2007 is out.

The WHID 2007 annual report builds on the new metrics we recently added to
WHID, such as attack method, attack outcome, country and industry sector of
hacked organization to analyze web hacking trends in 2007.

In the report we discuss the drivers for web hacking, the vulnerabilities
exploited and the types of organization attacked. We hope that the report
can serve to highlight the web application security issue and as a base for
risk analysis for web applications.

The report was prepared by The Web Application Security Consortium (WASC)
together with Breach Security Labs, the research arm of Breach Security,
which sponsors the project. 

The report is available at:

~ Ofer

Ofer Shezaf
Work: ofers@xxxxxxxxxx, +972-9-9560036 #212 
Personal: ofer@xxxxxxxxxx, +972-54-4431119

VP Security Research, Breach Security
Chair, OWASP Israel 
Leader, ModSecurity Core Rule Set Project
Leader, WASC Web Hacking Incidents Database Project