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DOINGSOFT-2008-02-11 - IPDiva VPN SSL Brute force attack

ID : DOINGSOFT-2008-02-11-001

Discovered : 15/10/2007
Corrected : 15/11/2007
Publication :11/02/2008
Affected Software  : IPDiva VPNSSL
Versions  :
	 Users who autenticate with login et passwd without OTP systems
    * 2.2 branch <
    * 2.3 branch <
Vulnerability :  Brute force attack

Description :
The IPDiva Mediation server suffer of cookie exploitation vulnerability. A mecanism of limitation after a number of bad login/ passwd exist based on a cookie. When the cookie is null, the account is blocked. With the modification of the cookie to a value like 4242, we can try a unlimited number of connection if the cookie is resetted when it reached 2