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CanSecWest 2008 Mar 26-28

CanSecWest 2008 Presentations

Snort 3.0 - Marty Roesch, Sourcefire

Cross-Site Scripting Vulnerabilities in Flash Authoring Tools - Rich  
Cannings, Google

Proprietary RFID Systems - Jan "starbug" Krissler and Karsten Nohl, CCC

Media Frenzy: Finding Bugs in Windows Media Software - Mark Dowd and  
John McDonald, IBM ISS

Targeted Attacks and Microsoft Office Malware - Rob Hensing, Microsoft

Virtually Secure - Oded Horovitz, VMWare

Malicious Cryptography - Frédéric Raynal and Eric Filiol, Sogeti/Cap-Gemini 
and ESAT

The Death of AV Defense in Depth: Revisiting Anti-Virus Software -  
Thierry Zoller and Sergio Alvarez, nRuns

VMWare Issues - Sun Bing, McAfee

Intrusion Detection Systems Correlation: a Weapon of Mass  
Investigation - Sebastien Tricaud and Pierre Chifflier, INL

Web Wreck-utation - Dan Hubbard and Stephan Chenette, WebSense

Secure programming with gcc and glibc - Marcel Holtmann, Intel

Mobitex network security - olleB, toolcrypt.org

Peach Fuzzing - Michael Eddington, Leviathan

Fuzz by Number - Charlie Miller, Independent Security Evaluators

Fuzzing WTF? What Fuzzing Was, Is And Never Will Be. - Frank Marcus  
and Mikko Varpiola,Wurldtech / Condenomicon

Vulnerabilities Die Hard - Kowsik Guruswamy, Mu

Hacking Windows Vista - Dan Grifin, JW Secure

ExeFilter: a new open-source framework for active content filtering -  
Philippe Lagadec,NATO/NC3A

VetNetSec: Security testing for Extremists - Eric Hacker, BT INS

w3af: A framework to own the web - Andres Riancho, Cybsec

A Unique Behavioral Science Approach to Threats, Extortion and  
Internal Computer Investigations - Scott K. Larson, Stroz Friedberg

2008 Dojos

Vulnerability Discovery Demystified		Mark Dowd and Justin Schuh
The Exploit Laboratory - Advanced Edition		Saumil Shah
Advanced Honeypot Tactics		Thorsten Holz
Mastering the network with Scapy		Philippe Biondi
Voice over IP (VoIP) Security		Nico Fischbach
Practical 802.11 WiFi (In)Security		Cédric Blancher
Advanced Linux Hardening		Andrea Barisani
Defend The Flag		Microsoft

2008 PWN 2 OWN

There will three targets:
        A MacBook Air, running the latest OSX, patched, typical configuration.
        A Sony VAIO VGN-TZ37CNB, running Ubuntu, latest release.
        A Fujitsu U810, Running Vista, latest update.

The contest will be adjudicated by our impartial celebrity judge:

Ronald C. Dodge JR., Ph.D.
Lieutenant Colonel, Academy Professor
Associate Dean, Information and Education Technology,
United States Military Academy

The victory conditions will be the contents of specific 
specially  planted files on each system, to be extracted 
by winners. Hack them and you get to keep them, and 
any associated prizes for the exploits used, oh and the
fame and glory. :-)

Browsers (I.E., Mozilla, Safari), Mail Clients (Outlook, 
Mail.app,  Thunderbird), and IM clients (MSN, Adium, 
Pigdin, Skype all platforms) are all in scope.
More details and official rules soon.


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