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LayerOne 2008 Update

LayerOne 2008 Pre-registration opens, first round of speakers announced

Seattle, WA (March 3, 2008) As we get closer to this year's LayerOne
event, we have released the names of the first three speakers for the
conference, in addition to the opening of pre-registration.

Our first speakers come from very different backgrounds, which
illustrate the diverse nature of Information Assurance within our
modern society.

Dave 'h1kari' Hulton is a seasoned 'hardware hacker' and the organizer
of the annual Toorcon (www.toorcon.org) security conferences in
Seattle and San Diego. David will be presenting on intercepting mobile
phone and GSM traffic utilizing techniques and hardware that until
recently had been priced out of the range of most individuals and

John 'jur1st' Benson is a lawyer from Kansas City, MO who specializes
in electronic discovery and is also the chairman of the Kansas City
Metropolitan Bar Association Computer Law and Technology Committee.
John will be discussing how the electronic discovery process works,
why it is costing corporations millions of dollars (and why it doesn't
have to), and what attendees need to know in order to operate within
this new legal environment.

David 'Video Man' Bryan is computer security consultant for NetSPI and
a senior organizer of the annual DEFCON (www.defcon.org) computer
security conference in Las Vegas, NV. David will be presenting on the
potential threats and vulnerabilities surrounding Voice over IP
telephony. Topics covered will include voice privacy issues, quality
of service, and mitigating strategies for companies and individuals
looking to take advantage of this technology.

LayerOne is continuing to look for additional speakers for this year's
conference. If you are interested in speaking, please visit our site
(www.layerone.info) to view our Call for Papers.

LayerOne has also opened pre-registration for this year's event.
Pre-registration is 80 dollars (USD) and covers both days of the
conference as well as the hospitality reception on Saturday night.
Seating is limited to 250 attendees due to the size of our conference
area. In the event that there are still seats available after
pre-registration closes, tickets will be available at the door on the
day of the event however the cost will now be 100 dollars (USD).

We look forward to providing you with the high quality content and
information you have come to expect from us. See you in May!

						-The LayerOne Team