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Minigal 2 critical XSS

Title: Minigal 2 critical XSS
Author: Jose Carlos Norte (jose@xxxxxxxxx)
Date: 4-3-2008
Severity: high
Vendor URL: http://www.minigal.dk/

------- Introduction

Minigal 2(a.k.a. MG2) is a picture album written in PHP, it have a simple administration panels, and makes non-ajax browsable albums.

------- The problem

The problem consist in a fully exploitable XSS. MG2 allows NON-Admin users to browser some areas of the admin panel, and one of these, have a XSS problem.

------- Exploitation


------- Status

Vendor contacted without response.

------- Credits

This bug was discovered by Jose Carlos Norte, (jose@xxxxxxxxx).