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RE: [Full-disclosure] Firewire Attack on Windows Vista

>>WRT the DMA access over FireWire it's but a bad response since it
doesn't get the point!
>>1. Drive encryption won't help against reading the memory.
>>2. The typical user authentication won't help, we're at hardware level
>>   here, and no OS needs to be involved.
>>3. The computer is up (and running; see above), no hibernate or sleep
>>   is involved here.

So on a freshly-booted system with drive encryption you can read
whatever you want on the disk? 

>>4. Group policies can be circumvented, even by a limited user.

What he says is that some group policies, not including system-wide
security settings, maybe circumvented, even by a limited user.

Larry Seltzer
eWEEK.com Security Center Editor
Contributing Editor, PC Magazine