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Summer Camp 2008 - La Garrotxa


I am pleased to announce that the 1st Edition of Summer Camp 2008 will
be held on 4, 5 and 6 of July in Spain and all you are invited to come
to this event.

This invitation is for anyone interested in security, technology, or
that simply wants to learn, to teach, to meet with old or new friends
and/or participate in this event.

You can get more detailed information in our website:


For any questions feel free to mail to the event organizer, Blackhold:



The event will be held in Catalonia, Spain: Sant Jaume de Llierca (La
Garrotxa) GPS Location: Latitude 42.211070, Longitude 2.602550

See exact location in Google Maps:

but if the link above does not work (too long), try with this link:

Check how to get there:


The space of the event will consist of a ground outdoors with 3 tents
for the talks, one for the dining room and a camping area for planting
the store camping. The campsite will have wireless coverage and
electrical connections. There will also be an area of showers to remove
lagañas morning.

Want to participate?

We welcome any help or participation.

We are looking for speakers who want to make conferences (in Spanish or
English), people that want to organize labs, or anybody that simply wish
to explain and share their knowledge. The level of talks should have a
medium to high level and should be related to free software, security,
hacking, reverse engineering, electronics & hardware devices, etc.

If you are interested in pursuing a talk, lab, or a roundtable
discussion, please contact us.