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Re: hacking the mitsubishi GB-50A

According to James C. Slora Jr.:
> I'll stop worrying about securing Intranet devices and applications, and
> use 192.168.1 addressing as my only security measure from now on.
> </sarcasm>

<nitpick>You forgot the opening sarcasm tag</nitpick> :)

Regarding all those posts about "but it's only an internal access, so
don't worry": Last year, Forrester published a report that estimated
85% of the security problems came... from the inside of the network.

Whether it's a disgruntled person, or simply a tele-operated zombie
PC, your internal network is as much a source of threat as the internet.
There's less threats inside, but, because they ARE inside, they are more
likely to succeed. And saying that 192.168.* is a security measure is
about as accurate as sticking your head in the sand and thinking
no one can see you.

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