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Internet explorer 7.0 spoofing

Hello, as they are? This time I communicate with you to let you know of a vulnerability such as "spoofing" in the Internet Explorer 7.0 (tested at 8.0 and does not work). 
Creating a pop-up malformated can put any address in the address bar in the body any page or content. 

This flaw is possible because if in the address bar we eg 

Address # direction 

The numeral makes the first address is run and what comes after the numeral does not interfere with the original page. This is why creating popup with the special measures and to try to pass such an easterly direction popup displayed the end of the address and did not show the direction it runs. (Special measures are important because if it does not work largest). 

Just a single click in the body popup to this reveals the true direction, which can be equal to dodge an event like javascript onblur or onfocus .. Anyway that's more serious an attack that a proof of concept. 

Here I leave the proof of concept.


Greetings from Argentina!

Juan Pablo Lopez Yacubian