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London DEFCON meet - DC4420 - New Venue - Wednesday 2nd April, 2008

i'm very pleased to (finally) announce a meet for 2008...

we've got a new venue which we're trying out, so hopefully we'll solve the problem of non-exclusivity which we've suffered at the last few meets, as well as a more central location which should be easier for folks to get to...

meet will be at the St. George's Tavern, Victoria:

starting at 19:30 on Wednesday 2nd April, 2008.

we have the lower bar all to ourselves until closing time, but if you avail yourselves of the excellent food upstairs please let them know you are there for the meeting as that will help with future bookings etc.

there is no permanent screen at this venue so i'm hoping to acquire a projector in time for the meet, but if anyone has one we can borrow for the evening as a standby please get in touch with me or alien...

we will have some special guests this month:

Jeff "Dark Tangent" Moss - founder of DEFCON & BlackHat
Matt "Barkode" Lewis of Ninja Networks party fame :)
Dave "H1kari" Hulton - FPGA guru and Toorcon organisor

i'm hoping H1kari and Steve can be prevailed upon to give a potted version of their GSM cracking talk, but at the least i'm sure they'll be able to give us an update on progress...

Barkode is making a documentary about the last 10 years of the hacking scene and will have a cameraman with him, so if you have any tales to tell (or know someone who should be in it), please come along and participate (note that if you are camera shy that will be respected - filming will be discrete and optional).

if no-one else comes forward i will give the satellite talk i've been promising for the last god knows how many meets (and i've even got slides!!! honest!!! :P )

i hope to see you all there, and if you have a presentation let me or alien know so we can get it into the schedule...

"In DEFCON, we have no names..." errr... well, we do... but silly ones...