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rPSA-2008-0132-1 lighttpd

rPath Security Advisory: 2008-0132-1
Published: 2008-03-31
    rPath Linux 1

Rating: Major
Exposure Level Classification:
    Remote Deterministic Denial of Service
Updated Versions:

rPath Issue Tracking System:


    Previous versions of the lighttpd package are vulnerable to a remote
    Denial of Service attack in which the termination of one SSL connection
    may cause another concurrent SSL connection to terminate prematurely.
    lighttpd is not installed by default on rPath Linux systems, and no
    default configuration file is provided; only systems customized to
    include and configure lighttpd are vulnerable.
    Appliances built with rPath Appliance Platform Agent 2 use lighttpd and
    are vulnerable to this denial of service attack.  All appliances built
    using rPath Appliance Platform Agent 2 should be updated to include the
    latest release of lighttpd.


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