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openMosix userspace library stack-based buffer overflow

title: openMosix userspace library stack-based buffer overflow
Discovered by: Jose Carlos Norte

There are a lot of buffer overflows present in the library of the openMosix project, documented at: 


The vulnerable code is in:


134 int64_t
135 msx_readnode(int node, const char *item)
136 {
137 char fn[40];
138 int64_t val;
140 if(!node && !(node = msx_read("/proc/hpc/admin/mospe")))
141 return(-1);
142 sprintf(fn, "/proc/hpc/nodes/%d/%s", node, item); 

in line 142 there is no check against overflow in "item" argument.

Every applications using this library, can be vulnerable to attacks exploiting this flaw.