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WoltLab(R) Community Framework XSS and Full Path Disclosure Vulnerability


Advisory : WoltLab(R) Community Framework XSS and Full Path Disclosure
Release Date :
Application : WoltLab(R) Community Framework
Version : WCF 1.0.6 and lower
Platform : PHP
Vendor URL : http://community.woltlab.com/
Authors : Jessica Hope ( jessicasaulhope@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx )



Due to various failures in sanitising user input, it is possible to
construct XSS attacks and path disclosure.



Full Path Disclosure via "page", "form", etc. Parameters:

WCF based applications use a factory pattern to load and instantiate the class
appropriate for the current page based on user input. If the user submits data
not resolving to a valid class, the exception handler adds the whole stacktrace
- including the full path - into an HTML comment.

XSS via "page", "form", etc. Parameters:

The aforementioned trace includes the user submitted parameter as function
argument and is left un-escaped. This opens a potential XSS issue.



At this time there is no vendor patch. Vendor in question lacks a public way to
contact them with relation to a security vulnerability.

The suggested solution is to not expose sensitive information (full paths) and
un-escaped user input in comments.

Vendor should also publish an e-mail address or other way to contact them with
such issues so that full-disclosure can be avoided before vendor notification.

Ongoing research into other products Woltlab GmbH produces is pending. Future
vulnerabilities will be posted to full disclosure as they are found unless the
vendor wishes to provide such contact info publicly.



08th April 2008: Full disclosure



This issue is to be credited to Jessica Hope ( jessicasaulhope@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx )