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Troopers08 Security Conference, April 23/24 (Munich/Germany)

Troopers08 Presentations

Keynote on "Invulnerable Software" - Dan Bernstein

KIDS - Kernel Intrusion Detection System - Rodrigo Branco

State of Security - Andrew Cushman, Microsoft

Release of the next revision of the free Exploit-Me series of application penetration testing tools - Nish Bhalla, Security Compass

Side Channel Analysis - Job de Haas, Riscure

Hackertools according to German law ( 202c StGB) - Horst Speichert, Lawyer

Hardening Oracle in Corporate Environments - Alexander Kornbrust, Red-Database-Security

Virtualization: There is no spoon - Michael Kemp

Straight Talk about Cryptography - Jon Callas, PGP

Evilgrade: You have pending upgrades - Francisco Amato

"Self defending networks" - hype or essential need for international organisations? - Rolf Strehle, VOITH AG

Keynote "Virtualization: Floor Wax, Dessert Topping and The End of Information Security As We Know It?" - Christopher Hoff, Unisys

GPUs, password recovery and thunder tables - Andrey Belenko, ElcomSoft

Incident Management - tasks and organization. - Volker Kozok, German Ministry of Defense

A penetration testing learning kit - Ariel Waissbein, Core Security

Organizing and analyzing logdata with entropy - Sergey Bratus, Dartmouth College

The Art of Reversing - Michael Thumann, ERNW GmbH

Enterprise Webapplication Security Strategy@Allianz S.E., Dr. Johannes Raab, Allianz S.E.

Tapping $$$ Enterprises - Pierre Kroma

Virtual Honey Pots - Thorsten Holz, Universitaet Mannheim

SCADA and National Critical Infrastructures: is security an "optional"? - Raoul Chiesa

Data Loss Protection - Hope or Hype? - Enno Rey & Angus Blitter


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