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webTA by kronos - XSS


webTA is used by thousands of fed. employees.

I did a limited security review of a couple deployments. Because of certain
contractual limitations I have been able to verify XSS in its Project
Management module only, but I suspect it also exists in Vacation/Sick Leave
Request module.

URLs: /servlet/com.threeis.webta.H710selProject and

Use these URLs to create project descriptions. No hex or html encoding or
anything fancy is necessary. Just type in the description field your favorite
XSS stuff - it will work. 

I tested basic font changing html tags (<font color="red">test for
XSS</font>), and JavaScript (<script>document.write('<img
script>). On my laptop I had Apache listening, and collecting user session
information into its logs.

Yeah, it is remote, in case you are wondering.

I no longer have the access to any webTA systems, and cannot verify anything