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AS/400 Vulnerabilities

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Have you ever nmap-ed a network with AS/400s? If you have, you probably
know that doing so will, in at least half the cases, either crash the
box, hang up one or more services, or really confuse the IP stack to the
point that the box almost screeches to a halt.

Given that those boxes are so brittle to even simple network scans, it
would seem that they would have to be full of exploitable
vulnerabilities. If nothing else, a few custom packets should be able to
DoS a box.

However, if you search for AS/400 vulnerabilities, you find only about a
dozen, and most are years old. Nessus only checks for one.

Since these boxes are a common part of small to medium size business
infrastructure (especially in manufacturing or organizations that have
used computers for over 25 years), it looks like they would be ripe for

This raises a couple of questions:
  1) Is anyone really doing any vulnerability research in this area?

  2) Are the boxes really just unstable to malformed network data, but
not exploitable?

Jon Kibler
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