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Re: Collection of Vulnerabilities in Fully Patched Vim 7.1

Jan Minar wrote:

> 1. Summary
> Product  : Vim -- Vi IMproved
> Version  : Tested with 7.1.314 and 6.4
> Impact   : Arbitrary code execution
> Wherefrom: Local and remote
> Original : http://www.rdancer.org/vulnerablevim.html
> Improper quoting in some parts of Vim written in the Vim Script can lead to
> arbitrary code execution upon opening a crafted file.
Thanks to Jan for finding these problems and explaining them
exhaustively.  I received a note a month ago and all reported problems
have been fixed.  Either by patches or updates to the runtime files.

Note that version 7.1.314, as reported in the Summary, does not have
most of the reported problems.  The problems in the plugins have also
been fixed, this requires updating the runtime files.  Information about
that can be found at http://www.vim.org/runtime.php

Patch 7.1.299 has added the fnameescape() function, which fixes the
reported issues with escaping command arguments.  It's not as difficult
as suggested in the report.

If you find any remaining or related problems, please report to me
directly.  That's the best way to get them fixed.

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