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iPhoneDbg Toolkit


We are proud to announce the release of the iPhoneDbg Toolkit, an effort
towards iPhone exploit development.

You can find it here:

- What is the iPhoneDbg Toolkit?

This set of tools will enable you to delve into iPhone Binary Reversing.

    * The iPhone Debugger allows you to debug running or newly-created
native processes inside iPhone (iphonedbg).
    * The Library Loader Patcher will allow to debug iPhone libraries
    * You can also build a tunnel from your PC to your iPhone through
USB (iphone_tunnel.exe).

Nicolas (*)

Open Source Software
Core Security Technologies

(*) I am a semi-senior exploit writer at Core Security Technologies.
I've being working in computer security for 3 years and I am specialized
in Windows exploits, mostly, and the development of exploit writing
tools. I also developed some exploits for Linux and MacOS X.