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Announcement && CFP: ISOI 5, Tallinn Estonia

The internet Security Operations and Intelligence (ISOI) 5th workshop will take place on the 11th and 12th of September, 2008.

Venue: Tallinn, Estonia.
Host: Estonian CERT (www.cert.ee).

While payment is not required, to attend you must be a member of one of the vetted operational communities, or contact us directly for special consideration.

CFP information:
The topics for the CFP include operational nsp security, Internet incident response, Internet fraud, cyber crime investigations and general case studies.

You can email your suggestions, including a title, short abstract and prefered day and time to me personally up to the 28th of July. Late submissions for turbo-talks is possible.

For more information you can check out the web pages for previous ISOI workshops:

Yahoo - http://isotf.org/isoi44html
ICANN/ISOC/Afilias - http://isotf.org/isoi3.html
Microsoft - http://isotf.org/isoi2.html
Cisco - http://isotf.org/isoi.html

A perliminary program will become available in a few weeks on:

Gadi Evron && Randy Vaughn.