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ANNOUNCE: RFIDIOt ver 01.v released - Jan 2009

Happy New Year!

Since I haven't done so *all year*, I thought it's about time I release something! :P

Actually, for my sins, since my idiocy seems to have now encompassed JAVA, I wanted to get this out there... Most of the effort has been in figuring out how to get a build environment working without having to do a full eclipse and JCOP Tools install (the latter being very hard to come by these days), so if you're interested in JCOP JavaCard development, take a peek in the Makefile located in the 'java' subdirectory of this distro, which aims to make command line development easier... I hope it makes sense, but since I'm new to Java development, please feel free to point me in the right direction if I'm completely off base...


v0.v - January 2009
fix ATS position & length in RFIDIOT.py
add jcopsetatrhist.py - sets ATR History Bytes (ATS) on JCOP cards
add jcop_set_atr_hist.cap - java applet for setting ATR/ATS
add JAVA source for jcop_set_atr_hist.cap
move iso_7816 routines into RFIDIOt (from mrpkey.py)
fix exit status of all test programs and RFIDIOt (should be True on error)

Full details and download here:


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