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New WHID web hacking incidents

After a way too long negligence, I am updating again the Web Hacking
Incidents Database (WHID). I hope to close the gap shortly in order to be
able to issue the WHID 2008 report. One of the obstacle facing WHID was a
lack of proper content management system forcing me to edit a lot of HTML to
add every new incident. WHID now moved to a proper (though admittedly less
secure) system and the new address is http://www.xiom.com/whid. The new
system allows you to join in and comment and discuss the incidents.

The first incidents reports for 2009 are:
* WHID 2009-2: Prominent Twitter accounts hacked
* WHID 2009-1: Gaza conflict cyber war (http://www.xiom.com/whid-2009-1)

Other incidents of interest added recently to WHID:
* WHID 2008-43: Russian nuclear power web sites attacked amid accident
* WHID 2008-36: RBS WorldPay Data Breach Hits 1.5 Million
* And lastly, the big TJX hack, that finally got into WHID as new reports
suggest that web hacking also had a role in it, WHID 2007-89: The big TJX

~ Ofer

Ofer Shezaf
shezaf@xxxxxxxx, +972-54-4431119

Founder, Xiom.com, Proactive Web Application Security, http://www.xiom.com
Chairman, OWASP Israel 
Leader, WASC Web Hacking Incidents Database Project