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[Wintercore Research ] Fujitsu SystemcastWizard Lite PXEService Remote Buffer Overflow.

[ Wintercore Research:: Advisory W01-0109 ]

html version: http://www.wintercore.com/advisories/advisory_W010109.html

1. Background

"SystemcastWizard Lite is support software for the setup of the

 2. Non-technical description

PXEService.exe is prone to a remote buffer overflow due to improper
bounds checking when handling PXE requests.

A remote unauthenticated  malicious attacker can take advantage of this
flaw to execute arbitrary code by sending a specially crafted UDP packet.

3.  Technical Description.

PXEService listens for PXE protocol Request. Incoming packets are copied
into a fixed buffer of 0x400 bytes. However the argument passed in to
"recvfrom()" as len is 0x5DC, therefore if an attacker is able to send a
specially crafted upd packet which exceeds that fixed length (0x400), an
overflow condition will occur. With enough crafting, an attacker can
take advantage of this flaw to execute arbitrary code on affected systems.

MD5: 0C18CC97F02844445C805BB0986D6A4E

Module: PXEService.exe (32-bit)                             Overflow

.text:00402789 push eax ; fromlen
.text:0040278A lea ecx, [esp+20h+from]
.text:0040278E push ecx ; from
.text:0040278F push 0 ; flags
.text:00402791 push 5DCh ; len [FLAW]
.text:00402796 push offset byte_414970 ; fixed buffer 0x400
.text:0040279B push edx ; s
.text:0040279C mov [esp+34h+fromlen], 10h
.text:004027A4 call recvfrom ; BUFFER OVERFLOW

4. Exploiting it.

The exploit is trivial.

5.  References


Advisory (English)



Patch (Japanese)

6.  Products Affected

SystemcastWizard Lite <= 2.0

7.  Credits

Vulnerability discovered and researched by Ruben Santamarta, Wintercore.

8.  Disclosure Timeline

05/26/2008	- Vendor Contacted
05/29/2008	- Vendor Acknowledged.
01/16/2009	- Coordinated disclosure


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